Struggles and Success Story of Cantech India (Hosting Business) and its PayKun Review

The PayKun team has been working hard to render all its services in the best possible way to ensure its customers’ satisfaction. On the other hand, these PayKun customers have always been kind to acknowledge these good services and express the same in their beautiful words. So here is another article with another merchant success story of Cantech India, discussing its business journey, struggles, and experience with PayKun Payment Gateway.

Cantech India

The merchant success story to inspire you…

Cantech India is a leading IT Infrastructure company with thousands of satisfied customers. Its specialization is to deliver the cutting edge Cloud Computing solution to web development agencies, SEO agencies, Digital Marketers, Freelancers, and other IT professionals within their budget. Today they have in-house Cloud applications which are very competitive than any other public cloud companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft.

“Today there are many Payment Gateway Solution Providers but you can end your search at PayKun because it has the fastest onboarding, quick technical support, and quick settlement options.”

Mr. Devarsh Pandya, the Founder & CEO of Cantech India

Cantech ranks among those large-scale companies and was named the Reader’s Choice Best Hosting Company in 2013, 2016.

We asked the below questions to know the journey of Cantech and received these excellent responses from the Founder & CEO of Cantech, Mr. Devarsh Pandya himself. He shares his success story, business journey, and the PayKun experience in the answers to the below questions.

About Cantech India

How was the business started?

In 2006-07, I started learning the website development and the embedded services and spent hours in the cyber cafe in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. I can say the first investment in this venture is just ₹ 5 per hour for the Cyber Cafe rental.

create and send free payment links

I was keen to learn new technologies at that time and found that web development is the area of interest but due to the typical family mindset, the parents were not letting me explore those skills.

“We have been with PayKun for more than 2 years now. We have also partnered with them under their ‘Affiliate Partner Program’.”

Later in 2009 after Higher Secondary Schooling, I started my professional journey with part-time works. I used to make websites for various small businesses such as tuition classes on my own.

Later in 2012, after my graduation, I started with Cantech India as a full-time entrepreneur. Since then, I have never looked back. The journey has been full of excitement, zeal, enthusiasm, and ups -down.

The brand name “CANTECH” means there is nothing we can’t! Everything is possible and with this positivity, Cantech is growing.

What were the difficulties faced and what was the turning point?

There are many Ups and downs in our journey. But I would say that if you upgrade yourself, you can definitely mitigate your difficulties. One need not be the best in everything but finding your strengths can bring you near to your goal.

For example, even a simple 10K mobile phone upgrades twice or thrice in a year. Then being human beings, our value is undefined. We should continuously upgrade ourselves with the latest technology.

“We have onboarded our valued customers to choose the PayKun Payment Gateway for their online enterprise. They are simply the best in the market.”

I started working for the Infrastructure Services and that was the turning point for Cantech India. Started as a SOLO web developer and today we are a team of more than 50 professionals across the nation. The ₹ 5 investment converted in lakhs of rupees now.

More about the services and products of Cantech India

We are dealing in Web Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting, Email Hosting, Server Security, Backup / DR solutions, 24×7 Remote managed Technical Support, Digital Certificates, Container-Based Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Docker Deployment, etc.

About PayKun and Online Payments

What made you opt for online payments?

I have always believed in digitization and since its inception, Cantech India has been accepting online payments. If you remember in early 2012 there were very few payment gateway providers.

I am a witness to the payment gateway revolution in India and have used many payment gateways to date.

Online payments are easy to reconcile, can transact swiftly in seconds, and provides quick service provision – which is the top aspect of choosing online payments.

How has PayKun made a difference?

Today there are many payment gateway solution providers but you can end your search at PayKun because it has the fastest onboarding, Quick technical support, and quick settlement options.

“PayKun is the fastest growing payment gateway solution provider and it has a lightweight dashboard, easy API integration, and quick technical support.”

These are the key aspects while I made my mind to prefer Paykun as our payment gateway partner.

Thank you Mr. Devarsh for recognizing our services and features.

How is your experience with PayKun?

We have been with PayKun for more than 2 years now. We have also partnered with them under their ‘Affiliate Partner Program’.

Also, we have onboarded our valued customers to choose the PayKun Payment Gateway for their online enterprise. They are simply the best in the market.

Future of Cantech India

What does the future hold for the business?

Stepping into the Infrastructure solution, our vision is to empower the IT-enabled / web development services with our robust, scalable server infrastructure which is cost-effective, easy to use, and reliable. 

We are an IT infrastructure solution provider company that can eliminate the hurdles from the MSME, Large Scale Enterprises for their Digital Infrastructure requirements. Our target is to cover most server regions globally and be able to provide affordable server hosting solutions to SMEs, MSMEs.

We are building private cloud solutions for the listed companies in India. Co-operative banking sector for their value-added services requirements.

The objective is to provide affordable solutions to every business.

Concluding, Mr. Devarsh says…

In present times where businesses are going online, there is a need for a reliable payment gateway processor, you can end your search at PayKun as per my experience.

“Team Paykun has young enthusiastic members who really want to provide affordable solutions to SMEs, MSMEs.”

If you are a web development agency you can become a Paykun partner and offer a payment gateway solution to your customers. They have the fastest onboarding process, I have never experienced anything like that before.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Devarsh for sharing your success story, business journey, and your PayKun experience. We are delighted that you are satisfied with our services.

Sign up now with PayKun and give us the chance to serve you with our best services.

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