UPI intent flow

PayKun Facilitates UPI Payments with Intent Flow via all major UPI APPs

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is among the most preferred payment modes for customers. Businesses need to enable the same with the easiest payment flow to meet the customer’s payment demand….

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Integrating UPI as a Payment Option

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transaction value surpassed $100 billion in October. This shows its increasing adoption among the customers and the need for the businesses to implement the UPI…

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payment gateway api

What is Payment Gateway API?

The Payment Gateway APIs play a vital role to render customer satisfaction. They make sure that the customers can make the payments in a hassle-free way. The payment API for…

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payment gateway for website paykun

PayKun Payment Gateway for website: Easy Integration Options

The digital rush is upon us and is there to stay. In order to take advantage, the SMEs, startups, and even the brick & mortar multinationals have shifted their focus…

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paykun android integration

How to Integrate PayKun Payment Gateway in an Android Application

Why is the payment gateway integration in Android important? The global pandemic has played a significant role in drifting the economy towards digital payment adoption. Mobile application commerce is in…

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generate api blog paykun

How to Generate PayKun Access token and API Secret?

You will be required Access Token & API Secret Key, In case you are planning to integrate PayKun Payment Solution with your website and Device API Key for application. For…

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payment gateway in india

How to choose a payment gateway for an E-commerce store?

Business owners want to shift their business online to generate more revenue and sales. Customers have changed their shopping patterns due to an increase in the number of smartphones in…

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Integrate Payment Gateway in App

How to Integrate Payment Gateway in a Mobile App?

We live in the era of online stores where online shopping has become an integral part of our life. Every day new e-commerce apps are coming up with its product…

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Payment Gateway Integration

PayKun Payment Gateway Integration In PHP

Server Integration for PHP PayKun offers plugins for the payment gateway integration in PHP. You can avail of our free integration assistance and easily integrate PayKun to start accepting online…

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js checkout PayKun

PayKun Payment Gateway Integration in JS Checkout

PayKun JS Checkout provides an easy way to integrate PayKun Checkout to any website, also it improves user experience as the customer stays at the merchant website at all time…

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