Hosted Payments Processing

A Brief Overview of The Hosted Payment Gateway: Uses and Why It Is Beneficial for Every Business

For your eCommerce business to thrive, it goes without saying that it needs to take measures to adapt to the ever-changing online environment. With customers focusing more and more on…

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online payment gateway in india

Adding Payment Option to Your WordPress Blog Is Never Been So Easy

Hey, welcome new blogger! I am today writing this blog to provide detailed information about how you can add a payment to your WordPress Blog. Apart from this, I will…

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Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor

Is Payment Gateway Different from Payment Processor? Know The Difference

The phrases “payment gateway” and “payment processor” are often confusing. By now, you have heard of these two terms, and it is natural that you cannot seem to understand the…

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online payment methods in india

The Best eCommerce Payment Methods for Your Website

The importance of the eCommerce business has manifold due to the changing times. Due to this, the competition has also increased to a great extent. Therefore to increase your customer…

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Payment Facilitator

Understanding the difference between Payment Facilitator (PayFac) and Payment Aggregator

With regard to accepting the payments, you may decide to get registered with a payment aggregator, get a merchant account, or put into practice the sub-merchant account. Meaning to say,…

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Payment Processing

What is Online Payment Processing and How it works?

Today, online payment processing for your business has become a lot easier compared to a few years back. Various aspects such as Security, trust, registration process, technical ease, availability, etc…

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Transaction failed

Understand failed payments & late authorization (“Transaction failed but payment got deducted” situations)

In online payment, there are certain basic requirements like a good internet connection, valid credentials, sufficient balance in the selected payment mode, a good payment processor, etc, or the transaction…

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UPI Payments India

7 Points on UPI Payments 2021

In this new age when everything is fast-paced when the value of time is more than anything else and when the competition has multi-folded, the UPI payments are exactly what…

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ott platform blog

Highlights on India’s new guidelines for Digital Media, Social Media, and OTT platforms

Background On February 25 2021 Government notified new guidelines for the Social Media, Digital Media, and OTT platforms called Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021….

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online payments security

How to know if your online payment processing is secure?

With the rising online frauds and cybercrimes, people tend to be skeptical when paying through eCommerce payment methods. They also fear that their sensitive payment information would be hacked by…

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