payment gateway definition

Important Payment Gateway Terms (Assembled-2)

This is the second part of the payment gateway definition dictionary. You must check out the first part through the below link before you continue with the below payment gateway…

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Payment Gateway Definition

Important Payment Gateway Terms (Assembled-1)

This blog gives you your payment processing dictionary with various payment gateway terms and definitions. Accepting online payments is a need of today’s time but due to the lack of…

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Payment Gateway for OTT

9 Points on Payment Gateway for OTT Platforms: Entertainment & Streaming

It has become essential to have an ideal payment gateway for OTT platforms and other entertainment mediums. We shall discuss the related topics for the same in the further part…

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best international payment gateway in india

Getting an International Payment Gateway in India

Taking your business to a global level is a great deal of effort. You need to take care of a lot of things and one of them is the payments….

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Online Payment

7 Points of Importance of Online Payment Gateway in Indian Businesses

Meaning and Working of Payment Gateway Payment Gateway is a medium between the customer’s bank and the merchant’s bank to enable the payment processing and transfer. When a customer enters…

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gaming payment gateway

Online Gaming Merchant Account with PayKun Payment Gateway

A gaming payment gateway plays a vital role to enable the players to run an uninterrupted game and enables you to render the best services and boost your payments. PayKun…

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best checkout eCommerce

7 Tips for a Smooth Ecommerce Checkout Process

A smooth eCommerce checkout is the primary matter of focus when it comes to the whole online store setup. By the time the customer has reached the cart, they would…

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fintech trends

The 6 Fintech Trends expected in 2021 and Later

The blooming of financial technology aka Fintech has brought about a positive revolution in the various sectors and industries including banks, financial institutions, businesses, and their clients. Fintech integrates finance…

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Ecommerce Business

The Importance of Ecommerce Business this Festival

Festivities are just around the corner and it has already got us involved in its joyous atmosphere. The customers have already started with their Diwali shopping. This tradition goes way…

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festival season

Tips for Various Businesses to Boost Online Sales this Festival

From clothes to jewellery and furniture, people wait for Diwali to bring changes in their house and purchase their needs as well as luxuries. So, it is a very crucial…

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