merchant hosted payment gateway

Everything about a Hosted Payment Gateway

There are various technical terms when it comes to choosing a payment gateway, this article will cover the meaning of the Hosted Payment Gateway and why you should consider using…

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whatsapp business app

Everything about the Whatsapp Business App

WhatsApp has become an integral part of most of our lives and routine. It is a mobile number-based messaging app that replaced the SMS system to a great extent making…

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contactless payment systems

The Best Contactless Payment Method for Offline Shop

When a customer makes the payment without a physical touch with their smartphone, mobile wallet, QR codes, or any other device for the contactless card, key fob, etc, it is…

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merchant Account For SaaS

Merchant Account for SaaS & IT Platforms

Due to the advanced innovation in technology, digitization has progressed to a large extent in India. As a part of that, the growth can be seen in the SaaS industry….

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Covid impact india

How can the businesses cope with the COVID second wave?

The impact of COVID and coping with it The first wave of COVID 19 shook all of us and the businesses. No one was ready for such a huge event….

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payment gateway definition

Important Payment Gateway Terms (Assembled-2)

This is the second part of the payment gateway definition dictionary. You must check out the first part through the below link before you continue with the below payment gateway…

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Payment Gateway Definition

Important Payment Gateway Terms (Assembled-1)

This blog gives you your payment processing dictionary with various payment gateway terms and definitions. Accepting online payments is a need of today’s time but due to the lack of…

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Payment Gateway for OTT

9 Points on Payment Gateway for OTT Platforms: Entertainment & Streaming

It has become essential to have an ideal payment gateway for OTT platforms and other entertainment mediums. We shall discuss the related topics for the same in the further part…

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best international payment gateway in india

Getting an International Payment Gateway in India

Taking your business to a global level is a great deal of effort. You need to take care of a lot of things and one of them is the payments….

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Online Payment

7 Points of Importance of Online Payment Gateway in Indian Businesses

Meaning and Working of Payment Gateway Payment Gateway is a medium between the customer’s bank and the merchant’s bank to enable the payment processing and transfer. When a customer enters…

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