Get paid more easily with Payment Links

Share payment link with your customers via SMS, Emails, WhatsApp etc. and get paid more easily. Collecting payment for your product is now just a click away.

It's been never easier to collect Payments Online

Payment links for fast growing business

Share payment links with your customers directly and start collecting online payments, Grow your business online.Create your payment link, set purpose and send a payment request to your customer and get paid easily.

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Business without website

Don’t have a website or App for collecting payments? Don’t worry, get paid online via payment links.

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Social media sharing

Provide your customers quick checkout options,share payment links over social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

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Embed pay button

Generate embed code for payment button and put it on your website, and start collecting payments easily.

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QR code

Share payment details via QR codes, Scan QR code and pay.

Payment Button

Fast Onboarding

Generate embed code

Without developer’s help, one can easily generate embed code for each payment link and simply copy-paste it on their website or blog.

Powerful Payment Tools

No annoying redirects

Allow your customers to start and complete the payment process on the same page, without any annoying redirects.

Multiple Access User

Customized UI for your brand

Customize your payment button with your text, colors, style etc. and provide truly branded experience.

Put payment button on your website

PayKun automatically generates embed code of a payment button, which you can place on your website or blog simply by copy pasting this code.

You can also customize your payment button’s look and feel directly from your dashboard.

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A safer and simpler way to pay

PayKun Payment Button

Payment Button

Generate embedded code for payment button, put it on your website/blog and start collecting payments easily.

PayKun Payment Link

Payment Link

Share payment link with your customer via SMS, Emails, WhatsApp etc. and get paid more easily.

PayKun Payment Method

Payment Method

Variety of options for making online payments like Netbanking, Credit/Debit cards, UPIs, EMIs, Mobile Wallets etc.