Five immediate benefits of using PayKun Payment Gateway for your business

PayKun Payment Gateway was developed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of various different types of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. In a short period of time, it…

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Effects of COVID-19 on Digital Payments

Impacts of COVID 19 could be clearly seen on the Cash transactions. During the nationwide lockdown, it was due to the inability to physically reach the place of purchase, and…

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collect payments online india

9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Collect Payments Online

With the onset of digitalization, it has become quite clear that collecting payments with the cash, cheque or only bank transfer has become limited. At many places, these do not…

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safe online transactions tips

Tips for Safe Online Transactions for Buyers and Sellers

Online transactions have made the world shrink. People can reach out and buy the services anytime, anywhere and from any place globally. May it be munchies or the shopping from…

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Why is a Payment Gateway necessary for B2B Companies

Online payment is the new trending system in B2B companies. They have been opting for the B2B payment gateways available in India as a preferential mode of the payment system…

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payment gateway for travel agency

Choosing A Payment Gateway for the Travel Industry

A payment gateway in the tourism business would need to be chosen carefully and wisely taking care of various essential points. The main reason for using a payment gateway for…

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how long does a refund take

Reasons for why Refunds take a long time to Process

Customers have this complaint that why does the refund takes so much time to be processed whereas the payments go through very quickly. The question is quite fair but there…

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Reasons for Online Payment Failure

What are the Reasons for Failed Transactions

Customers make online payments with various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, UPI, etc. The payment made through any mode of payment could fail…

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Delayed Capture of Payments

Delayed Capture of Payments Feature With PayKun

Delayed Capture works best to save your efforts of issuing refunds, avoids the confusion of the status of the transactions, avoid chargebacks and prevents the tampering of the business reputation….

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educational institute

Payment Gateway for Educational Institutes to Collect Fees

Educational institutes like tuitions, coaching institutes, learning sectors, online classes, schools, colleges, e-learning programs, etc would need to collect the fees. It is a common method for many such institutes…

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