What are the merchant benefits of using Payment Links

Accepting online payments is a necessity today. If you do not have a website or mobile application and would like to accept the payments online then the best way is to use the Payment Links. You can accept easy and timely payments through the same.

This is especially true when you are the owner of a social media business, small business, or offline store. In such scenarios, owning a website or app can prove costly, time-consuming, and would require a lot of effort too.

Let us understand what is a payment link, and then would continue with the underlying benefits that it offers.

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Payment Link Meaning

What is a payment link? As the name suggests, it is a link through which you can collect online payments. It is in the form of a shareable URL.

The customer would click on this link and would get a payment gateway checkout to proceed with the online payment. It would have a pre-set payment amount. The customer can pay with multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards. Wallets, UPI, net banking, QR code, etc.

This link can be created from the merchant dashboard and can be sent via Whatsapp, email, SMS, etc. The payment link meaning can be further understood with the below-discussed benefits:

Benefits of Payment Links

Using a payment link have multiple benefits, some are discussed in these given points:

Easy for the customers

The customer finds it quite easy to pay with the Payment Links. He just needs to open the link and complete the transaction with their preferred payment method. Payment Links are also secured with all the security compliances followed by the payment gateway.


It is costly to maintain a website or app. Payment links save small businesses from the unnecessary maintenance expenses and costs of hiring employees for the same.

Tracking and Records

The payments can be tracked in real-time through the merchant dashboard. They can also carry out the analytics and get the graphical representation. PayKun provides all these functions and much more such as downloadable reports, all history, customer data, etc. The real-time notifications can be maintained for the transactions as per the settings.

Technical Know-how

As a small business owner, it is possible that you lack the required technical skills. Payment Links save you from the technical efforts and integration with no such requirements. Once a merchant account is set up then the business owner can start creating and sending the payment links to accept online payments through the merchant dashboard.

Multiple Payment methods

Payment Links provides a smooth payment checkout with all major payment options. For instance, PayKun provides 120+ payment method options including credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, QR code, and EMI (on request). This encourages the customer to pay and gives the best customer experience.

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Customers are highly suspicious when making online payments. When you are using the payment links from a reliable and secure payments solution you can provide a sense of security to the customers.

For example, the PayKun payment links are equipped with the same security standards as you would get with the integration or when you use it through the website or app. They are PCI DSS compliant, SSL certified, and follow the encryption standards. The customer would receive an official notification when the payment link is sent and when the transaction is done.

Payment Links can play the role of cash-on-delivery. You can accept online payments at the time of the delivery of the services or products. This way you provide an online payments facility and a sense of security to the customers. Not only that, but you also ensure that you are instantly paid.

Effective customer communication

The business can carry out effective communication through their chosen source of sales. Through the same medium, he can accept online payment through the payment link. For instance, if they carry out the communication through Whatsapp Business then it would be easy for them to collect payments through it by just sending the payment link.

You can even let the customer choose the channel through which they would like to make the payment.

Time and effort saving

You can save a lot of time by sending links to multiple customers. You may send the bulk emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages together. PayKun provides payment links for a single customer and for multiple customers. Also, you can accept quick and instant payments. Further, you can deliver timely services after that or as per your policies.

Payment Link benefits as per the business type

The importance of the payment links can be understood through the benefits as per the business type explained below:

Small Businesses Customer Payments

If there is a tiffin service provider, a tuition class owner, a boutique, etc then they may not own a website or mobile application. In such scenarios, they can easily send the payment links via their preferred channel and accept online payments.

Client or vendor payments

Business to Business (B-B) payments such as vendors, clients, etc may need to pay you when a business is carried out. Payment Links can be useful in such scenarios too.


The freelancers may need to get paid by the clients. You may accept online payments through the payment links for a fixed amount without a website or mobile application or without any hassles of sharing the bank details.


The same benefits can be applied to educational institutes, financial service providers, insurance companies, offline stores, social media businesses, etc.


PayKun offers this extremely useful feature for free. There is a per-transaction fee (TDR) charged which is the lowest in India. And there are no other costs such as set up, maintenance, etc. The smart merchant dashboards include all the features and functions given in the benefits. Apart from this, PayKun offers quick support and easy activation of the merchant account.

What are you waiting for? Ensure instant payments with the Paykun Payment Links. Get started now!

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