Payment Gateway for Educational Institutes to Collect Fees

Educational institutes like tuitions, coaching institutes, learning sectors, online classes, schools, colleges, e-learning programs, etc would need to collect the fees. It is a common method for many such institutes to accept the fees in the form of cash, bank transfer, or demand draft. However, this is a challenging and cumbersome task for them because of its bulky nature. Meaning to say is there are so many students and the administration work of various kinds increases to a large extent just around this job of fees collection.

To meet these needs and make the task without any hassle, PayKun provides the best end-to-end solution. The task which would be full of burden would become as light as a feather with the help of PayKun payment gateway solutions. It would remove the scope of fraud and any kind of error and make the fees collection process easy and efficient. It would also make the control and mapping of the job possible without any kind of extra effort.

How is PayKun helpful to Educational Institutions?

  • Reduces Manual Administration Work

Collecting fees with the help of cash and cheque increases a lot of manual administration work. For example, it would then include the maintenance of data manually, filling up the manual forms by the parents and guardians, depositing the cash or cheque in the banks manually, and being careful in the calculation and errors. The PayKun takes care of all of these.

  • No scope for Frauds and Error

It might be possible that the mistakes happen in maintaining the data of so many students or there is any fraud committed in the process. All these can be solved with the help of PayKun and the possibility of errors can be reduced to almost nil.

  • Swift and Effortless Process

PayKun would create a great personal experience for the users, students and their parents creating a good lasting impression. Coming to the venue and standing in lines would no longer be required and they can be technologically updated and given notices along with the benefit of paying online from the comfort of their house.

  • Large and Miscellaneous Payments

Any kind of payments, may it be monthly or yearly, extracurricular fees, program fees, etc can be collected as and when required without any hassle or maintenance of such payments.

  • Online Database and Records

With PayKun, the parents and the institutes can have each and every payment record online. This helps for the management, control and maintenance. And also further in the decision making.

Payment Gateway for Educational Institutes to Collect Fees

How can the Educational Institutes use PayKun?

  • Website or App Integration

Mostly these days the schools, institutes, and colleges have their website and app. These can be further used to provide updates to the parents and the students.

Well, PayKun can be easily integrated with these websites and apps with its available plugins and SDKs. The process is free and they can even get the free integration help from PayKun technical support.

  • Payment Links

The second method is to send the parents/students the Payment Links. For this, the website or app is not required. These links can be sent through emails, Whatsapp, etc.

How does PayKun make the collection of Fees easy and secure?

  • Merchant Dashboard

When the institute representative or owner whom we can call as the merchant registers, then they get a login account which is known as the Merchant Dashboard. This is very useful for them. Click here to know more about the PayKun Merchant Dashboard.

Basically, from the point of view of the educational institutes, the merchant can easily view, confirm and control the payments made by the respective parents, they can generate the payment links, download the different types of reports, etc. Also, as per the position of different staff members can provide the login access.

  • Offer multiple payment options

The parents with the payment mode of their choice. They can now pay with their preferred payment option from all the available options like debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, UPI, etc. PayKun provides 120+ such payment options in its easy and smooth checkout.

  • Secured

PayKun Payment Gateway is a PCI DSS compliant and follows the AES Encryption standards. This makes the online payment transfer safe.

  • Direct Bank Credit

The best part is that with whatever payment method the parent would pay, you as a merchant will directly receive it in your preferred Bank Account belonging to the Educational Institutes. Thus, you need not do the manual task of depositing the fees in the bank.

What is the Registration Process?

It is very easy to sign up and register with PayKun. With the required details and documents, the activation of the account would take no time. A simple verification process will be done by our team and the account will be activated at the earliest. Then you can go ahead with the integration or can start using the payment links.

Here is the Demo Payment Link:

For more details you may drop a query at [email protected], we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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