Why you should partner with PayKun right away?

Slowly and gradually India is becoming leaders in fintech and digital payments. Till now, tier 1 cities were contributing to the growth but with the advancement in technology and importance of online payments, now we are seeing tier 2 and 3 cities are showing enormous expansion in this field.

In this digitalization era, online payments and plastic money have become easy and convenient for all. Whether a person is having a small provision store or an owner of a multinational company, online payment has become a necessity. As per the reports, the growth in the payment gateway market of India is estimated at around 1.71 billion US dollars and the estimated transaction value would rise above 238 trillion INR, in 2025.

Keeping this in mind small and medium scale business owners must partner with the best online payment gateway like PayKun which will definitely be a boon for increasing your online sales in a tremendous way.

Let us go in brief why you should partner with PayKun online payment solutions right away:

A varied range of payment options

Lack of a payment option can many times result in losing a customer. So we have a one-stop online payment solution to all your payment requirements, you name it and we have it. PayKun offers 120+ online payment options which include 80+ Net Banking, Debit Debit/Credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Maestro, RuPay). 8 Wallets, UPI/BHIM and QR Code. With these much payment options, there are negligible chances of losing your valuable customers.

Don’t have a website? Don’t worry

If you are having a start-up or an Instagram or Whatsapp reseller page and working from home, it might happen that you may not have developed a website, no need to worry. By registering with an e-commerce payment gateway like PayKun you can easily accept all your online payments by creating the payment link from the merchant dashboard and share it with your customers via WhatsApp/SMS or any social media applications. This will also help you in creating strong credibility and reputation of your business.

Transaction security is our main motto

With the increase in cyber frauds and hacking of our personal details, the first thing that comes to our mind while transacting online is whether the website is fake or real and are we sharing our banking details with some secured website owner? With a partner like PayKun payment gateway, your transactions are always in safe hands.

As we use PCI-DSS compliant servers which protect the cardholder’s data from any kind of sensitive information data leaking and online payment frauds. Moreover, we also follow AES 256 bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) so that the data transmitted by the customers is safe and encrypted.  

 Speedy and paperless onboarding

It has become a past, where one has to submit physical documents and wait for 10-15 days for the account verification. With the fastest onboarding process, you just need to fill up the necessary details and submit the documents for further verification. As soon as the documents are verified, you can start accepting online payments within no time.

Lowest Pricing:

Cost is a concern for every business. This payment gateway charges will definitely prove that you should partner with PayKun payment gateway. We offer you with 1.75% + GST on (* 2% on Credit Card and Paytm Wallet) each successful transaction of your customer which is the lowest pricing among many. With more than 10,000 merchants already trusting us, we have the highest successful transaction rate at 95%+ which is a feather on hat for all our merchants.

Keeps a track of your transactions

Once you register with PayKun, you can manage your user-friendly merchant dashboard. One can easily plan their business strategies with smart analytics, reports and charts. Advanced analytical reports that one can generate from the dashboard provides extensive information about your customer’s spending behaviour on your website.

You can even get to know the reasons as to why your customer has cancelled the transaction, details related to refund, disputes, chargeback, downtime and payout. These observations will definitely help you in taking enhanced decisions & prepare better strategies after analyzing your customers’ behaviour.

Quick and Responsive Customer Support

Imagine you are stuck with a technical query and nobody is there to help you. You feel quite disappointed. So we have a dedicated support team that will assist you and solve all your queries in the best possible manner. You can share your queries through chats, e-mails or phone calls. We will be happy to help you and go miles forward to resolve any kind of issue you are facing while using PayKun payment gateway.


Gone are the days where integration processes used to be very much complex. Today, online payment gateways provide you with ready SDK’s and plugins which are easy to use. PayKun provides all its merchants with free integration kits which supports all major platforms like PHP, Magento, Android, Python, WordPress, iOS, Ruby, .Net, Node JS, Java etc.


The settlement is the procedure by which money is routed from the customer’s bank to the merchant’s bank to complete a transaction. Depending on the merchant’s transaction history as well as the type of business, PayKun offers a settlement period of T+1 to T+3 Working days (T stands for transaction day) which benefits the merchant a lot in many ways. 

What else do you need when we have offered you these many features? Don’t waste your precious time and partner with one of the best payment gateways of India right away. Register your merchant account with zero fees and start accepting online payments. To know more you can even contact our customer support team at [email protected] or call us on 1800-212-8070.

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