What is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in UPI Payments

Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is at the core of the UPI Payments. This blog shall discuss everything about VPA and important related topics. UPI is an amazing innovation launched by…

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What Is a Merchant ID Number

What is Merchant Identification Number (MID)?

A merchant identification number, also known as MID or Merchant ID is an important and unique number. It enables the processing of online card payments in the right account through…

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Convenience Fee

Convenience Fee: All You Need To Know

With the all-around digitalization and advancement of technology, the customers have gotten used to the convenience of life. Technology facilitates speed, comfort, and ease. And as the name suggests the…

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biometric payment system in india

7 Interesting Points on Biometric Payments including AePS

Today, to authorize the payments you need a PIN or Password. Soon there would be a widespread system in which you yourself will be the password for authorization. This system…

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union budget 2021

Union Budget 2021: ₹ 1500 Crore-Scheme Allocation To Further Boost Digital Payments

Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, while delivering the Union Budget 2021-22, proposed a scheme of whopping ₹ 1500 crores to promote digital transactions. “To give…

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paykun emi option

EMI Payment Option Introduced: PayKun Payment Gateway

What is EMI? EMI means Equated Monthly Installments. The customers have the facility to pay in parts instead of the whole amount upfront. This provides them with affordability and helps…

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rtgs blog

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) available 24×7 Now!

Change in RTGS Timings On 9th October 2020, an announcement was made in a Press release – Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies – declaring the decision on making the…

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chargeback fraud

Dealing with Chargeback Fraud aka Friendly Fraud: 12 Tips

Let us understand the meaning of Chargeback Fraud and Tips for saving your business from it. When a customer files an unjustified chargeback denying a genuine purchase made by him,…

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Important Features of NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and UPI for your Business Payments

With the new innovations and modern technology, there are various online payment modes introduced which make transacting convenient and facilitating. This blog discusses four of such payment methods, explaining what…

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