Payment Gateway Reconciliation

Understanding the Difference Between Payment Gateway Settlement and Reconciliation

With more and more customers taking the digital route for buying essentials, payment gateways seem a convenient option for merchants to ensure customer satisfaction and payment acquisition. For instance, you…

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what is FIRC

What is Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC)

Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) is an important certificate for the exporter merchants in India. This blog explains what Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate is, its importance for the international sellers…

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Cross border ecommerce market

A Guide to the Cross-border eCommerce: Trends and Tips

eCommerce has opened the doors to sell products and services nationally and internationally. The merchants can reach all over the world with their online shop. However, international selling needs to…

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What is e-RUPI, the digital payment solution launched by PM Modi on 2nd August

PM Modi launched e-RUPI via video conference on Monday, 2nd August. What is e-RUPI? e-RUPI is the e-voucher, delivered directly to the mobile of the beneficiary in the form of…

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best customer experience

The Payment Gateway – A tool to improve the customer experience

Apart from a few very simple things such as a good user interface, smooth navigation, non-confusing CTAs, etc, there is one major aspect to deliver the best customer experience (UX),…

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Payment gateway for online gaming

How to choose the best payment gateway for your Gaming Platforms?

It is essential that choosing a Gaming payments solution is a part of the decision-making process when you are setting up your business platform. Working on the technology, infrastructure, and…

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COVID 19 on the Tourism Sector

COVID 19 AND TOURISM: Impact and Recovery Tips

It is evident that due to the lockdown, the need for social distancing, and the compulsion of staying at home the tourism sector has suffered gravely. The impact of COVID…

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Meaning of the Payment Gateway

Everything about the Payment Gateways in India

For online selling or for collecting online payments, the payment gateway in India is the most useful facility to use and to render the same to the customers. An eCommerce…

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kyc onboarding process

An Overview of the KYC Onboarding Process of the Merchant

The KYC onboarding process is carried out to scrutinize and finalize the activation of the merchant account.  In order to fulfill the obligatory requirements and as the preventive measures against…

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Payment Gateway Testing Cases

Payment Gateway Testing: How to use PayKun Test Mode?

Understanding the Importance of Payment Gateway Testing The merchant needs an ideal payment gateway for their customers to make sure it provides the best payment experience to them. The customer…

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