merchant Account For SaaS

Merchant Account for SaaS & IT Platforms

Due to the advanced innovation in technology, digitization has progressed to a large extent in India. As a part of that, the growth can be seen in the SaaS industry….

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Meaning of the Payment Gateway

Everything about the Payment Gateways in India

For online selling or for collecting online payments, the payment gateway in India is the most useful facility to use and to render the same to the customers. An eCommerce…

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Fintech in business blog

Why is Fintech important in Businesses?

FinTech in business has brought about disruption and drastic positive change in its world. It has become a famous term and is being offered through modern technology merged with financial…

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Covid impact india

How can the businesses cope with the COVID second wave?

The impact of COVID and coping with it The first wave of COVID 19 shook all of us and the businesses. No one was ready for such a huge event….

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kyc onboarding process

An Overview of the KYC Onboarding Process of the Merchant

The KYC onboarding process is carried out to scrutinize and finalize the activation of the merchant account.  In order to fulfill the obligatory requirements and as the preventive measures against…

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payment gateway definition

Important Payment Gateway Terms (Assembled-2)

This is the second part of the payment gateway definition dictionary. You must check out the first part through the below link before you continue with the below payment gateway…

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Payment Gateway Definition

Important Payment Gateway Terms (Assembled-1)

This blog gives you your payment processing dictionary with various payment gateway terms and definitions. Accepting online payments is a need of today’s time but due to the lack of…

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Payment Gateway for OTT

9 Points on Payment Gateway for OTT Platforms: Entertainment & Streaming

It has become essential to have an ideal payment gateway for OTT platforms and other entertainment mediums. We shall discuss the related topics for the same in the further part…

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Payment Gateway Testing Cases

Payment Gateway Testing: How to use PayKun Test Mode?

Understanding the Importance of Payment Gateway Testing The merchant needs an ideal payment gateway for their customers to make sure it provides the best payment experience to them. The customer…

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What is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in UPI Payments

Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is at the core of the UPI Payments. This blog shall discuss everything about VPA and important related topics. UPI is an amazing innovation launched by…

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