The Payment Gateway – A tool to improve the customer experience

Apart from a few very simple things such as a good user interface, smooth navigation, non-confusing CTAs, etc, there is one major aspect to deliver the best customer experience (UX), and that is the right payment gateway for accepting online payments from your customers.  It can be a major reason for a drop or increase in sales.

This article discusses how the payment gateway can be a tool that affects the customer experience for your online sales.

customer experience

Why is it important to have the right payment gateway?

Right from the welcome page to the page stating ‘thank you for your order’, it is important that you have a grip over your customer.

When a customer finds the search, menus, look, and other user interfaces (UI) confusing he would leave the website and go elsewhere to purchase.

Similarly, if the payment gateway checkout is not having the customer’s required payment options, currencies, security standards, and other features; he would abandon the payment, cart, and website and go somewhere else.

And so, an ideal payment gateway plays an essential role in creating a user experience.

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How to improve the customer experience with the right payment gateway?

A satisfactory payment procedure will result in a good and strong customer relationship. Eventually, this would increase sales and revenue and result in business growth. Below are the points that would improve the customer experience.

Payment Methods

It is easy to deliver a great checkout experience by choosing the right payment gateway that has all the available payment mode options such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, UPI, QR codes, and EMI. The flexibility and choice provided in the payment options is the primary checkpoint to make sure the customer could complete the transaction smoothly with his preferred choice. This would result in customer satisfaction.

Required features

If your website, products, or services are such, then accordingly other payment features or products must be available such as subscription payments, EMI, etc.

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It should be PCI DSS compliance and need to follow other security measures. The sensitive payment details must be transmitted in a secure and encrypted manner and thus follow the encryption standards. Also, the customer must be informed about the same so that he knows that the payment is processed securely.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

If it seems to be not fitting in then you are at the risk of losing the customers. The payment checkout needs to be a part of your eCommerce website displaying trustworthiness, reliability, ease, and security.

How can your payment gateway provide a good customer experience by just fitting in and not looking out of place?

Appearance: So, if the checkout look of the payment gateway is customized as per the business brand and website appearance. It should be matching with your website design.

Security seal: Further, it needs to have the logos of the provided trusted payment methods, such as VISA, American Express, etc. This also gives a sense of security that they are making the payment through genuine payment modes. What else gives a sense of security is the logo for the security standard and compliances such as PCI DSS secured, SSL certified, etc. which are followed by the payment gateway.

Redirections: In the case of any redirections, it needs to be displayed and informed beforehand so that the customer does not face any hesitancy. Otherwise, he would abandon the payment and the shopping.

Implementing these securities gives the customer a sense of comfort, trust, and the confidence to make a payment without any doubts.


When the customer gets timely notification and updates about their transaction and payment, this would put him at ease and gives trust and comfort that their payment is made to a genuine place. He should be given a clear status of the transaction and related information.


Why is it important to deliver the best customer experience at the payment gateway checkout?

In the end, the question of the lack of trust and the building of confidence comes when the customer comes to the point of making the payment.

The payment gateway checkout can be the deal maker or deal-breaker. And so making sure that you provide an excellent customer experience to build a strong reputation and increase the sales and revenue.

With the customer’s preferences and expectations being met, the task of satisfying the customer and providing a smooth shopping experience is complete with the Payment method choices, payment security, reliability, and trustworthiness. For this, it is also vital to select the right payment gateway for your online payments.

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