COVID 19 AND TOURISM: Impact and Recovery Tips

It is evident that due to the lockdown, the need for social distancing, and the compulsion of staying at home the tourism sector has suffered gravely. The impact of COVID 19 on the tourism sector has created uncertainty in its operations.

COVID 19 on the Tourism Sector

Bookings for group and even individual travels, hotel bookings, transport bookings, etc have seen an adverse impact of covid 19 on the tourism sector for domestic and international travels.

With the decreased number of tourists and the same number of business entities, the competition has gone up. Increasing customer satisfaction can help you stand out in the competition by attracting more customers.

This has made it inevitable for these sectors to take certain steps in order to overcome the losses due to this impact. They need to jump to the opportunity for the survival and growth of their tourism business. The best customer satisfaction is the key here.

Steps for Overcoming Impact of COVID 19 on the Tourism Sector

Here are the important points that can help you with the survival of the business by improving the customer experience:

The secure and reliable online process

Due to the fear of getting infected, the physical visit to the office is restricted or not favored by the clients. Therefore, it is essential to give a secure online way of transacting. There is always a fear when any online transaction is made. Thus, data and payment security are essential. More importantly, it is vital to show that your online system for payment and booking is secure and reliable.

This is possible with the help of the payment gateway security standards and compliances. For example, PayKun is PCI DSS compliant, follows AES encryption standards, and is SSL secure. This will help build the confidence of the clients and will create a long terms relationship.

Solution for uncertainty in plannings

With the change in the government restrictions and lockdown guidelines, the people’s plans get affected. They might have done the bookings but due to a change of plans or increase in the number of cases, they might need to make the changes in their already done bookings. So it is important that you have proper facilities through which they can cancel, rebook, request refund and make online payments instantly through a payment gateway such as PayKun. They need to be approached in the future and should be given the lifting to make the rebookings.

Payment Alternatives

The impact of COVID 19 has encouraged and boosted the trend for online payments. Also, there are various online payment methods available and different clients would prefer the choice of payment mode to pay such as credit card, UPI, debit card, mobile wallets, debit card, or net banking. Also, international payment methods for international clients must be in place. PayKun offers 120+ payment mode options.

Another important feature that could be helpful under the payment segment to overcome the impact of COVID 19 on the tourism sector is the Payment Links. You can simply send the link in email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc with the package and booking details and request easy payments. PayKun Payment Links are easy to create and send.

With the help of the payment link, you can create and add a payment button to your website. This is another useful way to accept online payments.

Excellent Customer Services

Getting in touch with the travel agencies, airlines, hotels, etc has been often a complaint when COVID cases started to come to light. People were not able to inquire or know the status of their flight. They could not get the refunds. From the long-term point of view, it is essential to maintain the customer relationship with the clients.


Thus, online processing, payments, and transacting along with the best customer experience would help you to overcome the impact of COVID 19 on the tourism sector. Get started with PayKun to enable multiple payment modes and an easy online payments system.

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