What is settlement?

Settlement is the process by which money is routed from customer’s bank to merchant’s bank to complete a transaction. There are several things involved in the settlement process, complete process described below.

- This process starts right from the checkout form, where customers input their card/account details to pay for the products/service.

- Receives OTP on mobile phone, After successful authentication of OTP money is debited from the customer's bank account and get the confirmation.

- Debited amount gets routed via card networks to the PayKun’s acquaring banking partners.

- After receiving payment, PayKun will deduct fees and transfer the money to merchants bank.

Generally the complete process takes T+1 to T+3 days, where ‘T’ is the date on which customer made the transactions.

However, this time may vary because the settlement cycle subjected to the bank approval and risk factor.

What is settlement?

How to check settlement status?

If you want to check your pending and processed settlement then, you need to login to PayKun Dashboard.

Find the ‘Settlement’ option in top bar and click on it.

Identify each settlement with unique settlement ID, and can also check settlement amount, Fees, Tax and Settlement Date along with the settlement status as


Once customers complete their payment, the settlement amount is being processed in our nodal account and shall be credited on the same working day.


After deducting fees and tax, the settlement amount has been credited to your bank account.


The settlement may gets failed due to incorrect bank details entered by you. If your settlement gets failed, you will get informed via mail about it.

How to check settlement status?

A detail process is explained below:

Amount :

Sum of money debited from customer’s account.

Fee :

Total fees deducted as a payment gateway charges by PayKun.


As per the government regulation, tax deduction about 18% of the payment gateway charges.

Settled Amount :

This is the final amount which will be credited in your bank account after deducting fees and tax.

Example Settlement