Comprehensive Guide for Settlements

A guide for the merchants to know the meaning and process of the settlement, its records in the merchant dashboard and the reconciliation.

Settlement Process

payment settlement process

The customer selects the items and proceeds with the payment

merchant settlement process

The payment transfers from the customer’s account to acquiring bank

settlement of payment

The payment routes to the merchant’s bank account after deductions

What is Settlement?

Payment routed to the merchant’s bank account from the customer’s account is called a Settlement. Here are the important terms to know.

settlement cycle

The settlement process takes T+1 to T+3 working days*, where ‘T’ is the date on which the customer made the transaction.

*This time may vary because the settlement cycle is subject to bank approval and risk factors.

Merchant Dashboard with Settlement Records

Reconciliation of Settlements


Verifies and reconciles the variation in status between sales report and the actual funds received


Merchant gets the detailed settlement records due to the robust APIs integrated with the dashboard


The reports can help tally every detail for e.g. amount, PayKun fees, tax, and the settlement amount