What is dispute?

Sometimes, it may happen that buyer gets a problem with an order may be due to some human error or misunderstanding. When this happens, buyer may open conflict with us, which we generally termed as a dispute. In some extreme cases, it may lead to the chargeback or reversal of payment.

Raise dispute

If your customers not satisfied with the goods/services provided by you then, they can raise dispute with us.

What is dispute?

Live Chat board for Fast Resolution

Your customer have raised any disputes? Directly connect with them via live chat board. Discuss the problem or reasons of disputes, assure your customers about your service by constantly communicating with them and try to close all disputes positively.

Resolution based on provided proof

If merchants are not able to resolve any disputes by themselves then, PayKun will take part as a third person in your chat board, and will try to provide resolution based on the provided proofs.

How dispute affect your Reputation?

Disputes that are closed at negative point (Customer does not-satisfied) will surely decrease your business reputation.

Dispute is the best way to identify your weak area, which needed improvements to boost your business. So, take it positively, try to resolve it and grow your business exponentially.

Live Chat board for Fast Resolution?