Seller Protection

Seller Protection for Merchants:

We know selling online securely is a challenge for merchants. Our Seller Protection Policy will protect your online sales, minimize claims and chargebacks and help prevent merchant fraud. Go ahead, set up shop. We've got your back.

We understand how important security and peace of mind are in online business, so we created a Seller Protection program to help guard you from losing money to claims and chargebacks.

Seller Protection covers two types of buyer complaints:

  1. Unauthorized Transaction

    There’s a transaction, but the accountholder claims that he or she didn’t authorize payment.

  2. Item Not Received

    A buyer pays for an item, but claims he or she didn’t receive it.

Stay protected always:

Seller Protection automatically applies to your eligible sales – be it apparel, electronics, travel or concert tickets, business services and more.

  1. Sell with confidence
  2. Minimum risk
  3. Keep more of your profits

How Seller Protection works?

  1. If a buyer files a claim, chargeback or payment reversal, we’ll place a temporary hold on the funds.
  2. We’ll ask for proof of shipment or proof of delivery and fully investigate the matter.
  3. The funds will be made available to you once we have confirmed that your transaction is eligible for Seller Protection.
  4. We will use our reasonable discretion to determine whether a transaction meets the PayKun Seller Protection eligibility requirements. If it does, we will lift the temporary hold and restore the funds to your Account.
  5. If the payment is not covered by PayKun Seller Protection, PayKun will remove the funds from your Account and return the payment to the buyer. In addition, you will be responsible for PayKun Chargeback Fee, if applicable.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for Seller Protection, you must meet these requirements:

  1. You receive payment via PayKun from a buyer account.
  2. You post the item to the shipping address on the “Transaction Details” page. If the item is delivered in person or picked up in person or if you post the item to a different address (for example, if the buyer asks that you send to another address on the basis that it is a “work address”), then you will not be eligible for Seller Protection.
  3. The transaction must be marked by PayKun as eligible or partially eligible for Seller Protection on your Account page. If it is marked eligible, protection for both Unauthorized Transaction and Item Not Received will apply. If it is marked partially eligible, protection for only Item Not Received will apply.
  4. You must respond to PayKun requests for documentation or other information that is reasonably required by PayKun to investigate in a timely manner.

Suspension of Eligibility for PayKun Seller Protection:

We may suspend your eligibility for PayKun Seller Protection if we hold a reasonable belief that there is an increased risk associated with your Account. In assessing a risk, we will consider:

  1. Total monetary amount and/or number of Claims, Chargebacks or Reversals issued against your Account.
  2. Reasonable risk of your Account to the integrity of PayKun and our system.
  3. Potential losses occurring to us and/or our users.
  4. We may suspend your eligibility for PayKun Seller Protection if it is linked or associated with another Account which has been suspended.