What is Payment Gateway API?

The Payment Gateway APIs play a vital role to render customer satisfaction. They make sure that the customers can make the payments in a hassle-free way. The payment API for a website or app also determines if the selected payment gateway is ideal for your business in such a way that it can provide the best end-to-end purchase experience as per your business model.

Further in this blog, we shall discuss the meaning of the payment gateway API and other related points. Before that let us know-

Integrating Payment Gateway

What is an API?

The full form of API is Application Programming Interface. To explain in simple terms, it binds the terms of communication between the two applications and acts as the connection link between them. For example, there is a mobile application providing grocery delivery service. It would place the order, pass the order, determine delivery location, etc. All these actions and responses would use an API to do so.

When you use the app on your phone, it sends the requested data to the server via the internet. The server fetches the requested data and provides the needful response on the application via the internet. All this is possible with an API.

Payment Gateway API

The connection between your website or app checkout process and the payment network can be done by integrating payment gateway API.

The below points sum up its uses and benefits:

Smooth Payment

Similar to the example before is how the payment gateway APIs would play their role in a payment process. APIs send back and forth the requests and responses between the various payment networks and the parties. Request for authentication, authorization, capture, settlements, notification, refund, etc is connected and responded to by the APIs.

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Multiple modes of Payment

The primary cause of a payment gateway is to be able to provide the payment option with multiple payment modes. You should also be free of the geographical location’s bounds and limitations i.e. it should enable the acceptance of the international payment as well. The APIs enable auto-payment acceptance through their integration with the already available website or even its payment links.


Sensitive funds and card data protection is another aspect that the API of the payment gateways need to be able to cover. It would be secured with the PCI DSS and other essential security compliances.

Complete Experience

The APIs enable the easy and smooth payment gateway integration. Also, they play a huge role to bolster your brand, image, and eventually your business selling growth. How could a customer get a complete shopping experience? The answer is the payment gateway APIs.

Customer Confidence

Integration of the payment gateway with robust APIs would help you to get the trust of your customers and encourage them to proceed with the payment gateway process. And the motivation would be at the backend from the payment gateway APIs.

Modern infrastructure

An ideal payment gateway would be the one that provides a modern payment infrastructure for the customers to interact in various methods. Website, mobile application, payment links, notifications, refunds, domestic, international, in all ways it needs to be a completely seamless experience.

Data in real-time

Only processing of the payments is not enough, it is essential to have the data flowing. The ability to obtain data in realtime, its analysis, insights, graphical representation, and real-time activity on the same is what is important for seamless business actions, planning, and growth.

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The payment checkout is where the deal is made or gets broken. It is about the great customer experience, his trust, and a seamless payment process.

And therefore you must invest your time in choosing the right payment gateway for your business payments. However, with PayKun you need not invest your money that much. Its lowest domestic fees and the lowest international TDR is highly cost-effective for your business.

PayKun has robust APIs, developed and designed keeping in mind the needs of all types of businesses. It covers all the above points and more to make sure that your customers have the best shopping experience.

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