The Best Contactless Payment Method for Offline Shop

When a customer makes the payment without a physical touch with their smartphone, mobile wallet, QR codes, or any other device for the contactless card, key fob, etc, it is known as the Contactless payment method. Various innovations have been introduced to support the trend of contactless payments that emerged in the current COVID times.

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As per the report, ‘Contactless Payment Industry Outlook’ (forecast period of 2020-2025), ‘the Contactless Payment Market size is expected to reach $19.1 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 12.1%.’

As per Statista, the digital payments in India touched 35.6 billion Indian rupees as of December 2020 for the FY 2021 and had shown a notable increase from 20.7 billion Indian rupees in FY 2018. The debit card was constant since 2019 and BHIM surpassed in value since 2018 showing remarkable growth in the period between 2018 and 2021.

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For your physical store, you might have installed the QR code for ‘scan and pay’ or you might have a POS machine that may or may not enable the payments with the contactless card with the ‘tap and pay’ option. These are used in a routine these days to support the online payments demand from the customer which is also a sheer need today.

This is a need today, however, soon this will become a habit and a way of life due to the comfort, convenience, and time-saving that it offers. Merchants get the benefits of the increase in transaction volume, customer retention, and loyalty.

With the wave of trends emerging, payment service providers have been introducing new and innovative ways by which you can offer the contactless payment method to the customers.

PayKun also has a product to enable the merchants to accept contactless payments at the offline store.

PayKun Payment Links

What if you want to offer your customers to make an online contactless payment, not in cash or swipe machine?

What if your customer wants to make a contactless payment with their preferred payment mode?

You do not need a website or application to offer your customers multiple online payment options. You can do that with the PayKun Payment Links.

Payment Links of PayKun can be sent through email, Whatsapp, SMS, chatbox, etc, through any possible medium. After you have sent it, the customer will tap/click on the link and a payment checkout will open.

There the customer will be able to proceed with the payment with various options such as mobile wallet, UPI, QR code, net banking, debit cards, credit cards, or even EMI.

For example, you have a Kirana store and your customer wants to make a Net banking payment. You can SMS or Whatsapp the customer with the payment link and the customer can complete the transaction in no time.

Watch this video to know more about this practically:

Benefits of using PayKun Payment Links for your offline store payments:

  • Easy and fast receiving of the payments with on-the-spot notification of successful or failed transactions. The merchant and customer both receive the email notification with the transaction details and status.
  • Smart merchant dashboard to track the payments, transactions, refunds, settlements, etc. The merchant can do the analysis, access all types of reports, and control various functions.
  • You can maintain customer-wise or order-wise data in the PayKun merchant dashboard. This makes transacting fast and convenient.
  • Secure payments are possible because PayKun payment links are PCI compliant and follow all other security standards.
  • Enables constructive data management and maintains the customer relationship due to that.
  • Home delivery orders become easy. Simply deliver the products ordered and send the payment links to the customers to make the payment.
  • Affordable and cost-effective than other online payment methods. PayKun has the lowest transaction discount rate and no other fees or charges.
  • Customers do not need to touch anything. They can pay with their device easily and securely.
  • Excellent PayKun customer support available in case of any query or issues. Also, a dedicated account manager is assigned to each merchant.


If you have an Offline store, Wholesale business shop, Social media business, Freelancing business, you are a professional or have a business but do not have a website or app, using the PayKun payment link is the best option. It is convenient for both the merchants and the customers.

Easy tip:

Merchants need not have the saved contact details to send a payment link through Whatsapp.

Simply type ‘**********’ (* is a mobile number) in the Search URL with your business Whatsapp logged in and select ‘Continue to Chat’.

The Whatsapp chat window opens. You can copy/paste the payment link and send it to the customer. The customer opens the link and proceeds with the payment with their online payment mode. Other options include sending SMS or email with the link.

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