add Payment Gateway to Website

Getting a Payment Gateway for Website

With the boost in the eCommerce sector, businesses have started making their online presence more stronger and impactful. This is because the customers are preferring to buy through online platforms….

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prepare your online business

How to prepare your online business for upcoming festival

It is that time of the year when the customers are indulged in the special festival shopping of everything from the clothes and decorations. To take maximum advantage of this,…

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What is Payment Reconciliation

Reconciling Payments Through the Best Online Payment Gateway: The Insider’s Guide by PayKun

By now, you may have heard of payment reconciliation and still not have a piece of in-depth knowledge about it. In this all-inclusive guide, we aim to dispel the mystery…

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eCommerce website india

How Instant Payment Features from PayKun Help eCommerce to Collect Payment Even without Having an Online Store?

Have you just started your own online business and do not have a proper eCommerce website yet? Thinking about getting payments from the customers who are not staying locally and…

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Meaning of the Payment Gateway

Everything about the Payment Gateways in India

For online selling or for collecting online payments, the payment gateway in India is the most useful facility to use and to render the same to the customers. An eCommerce…

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Payment Gateway for OTT

9 Points on Payment Gateway for OTT Platforms: Entertainment & Streaming

It has become essential to have an ideal payment gateway for OTT platforms and other entertainment mediums. We shall discuss the related topics for the same in the further part…

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ott platform blog

Highlights on India’s new guidelines for Digital Media, Social Media, and OTT platforms

Background On February 25 2021 Government notified new guidelines for the Social Media, Digital Media, and OTT platforms called Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021….

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payment processing

Payment Processing Options for Small Business in 2021

With the start of the year 2021, a new decade has begun and the ‘Digital Age’ is gaining momentum. The global pandemic has encouraged people to adopt contactless payments. Thus…

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gaming payment gateway

Online Gaming Merchant Account with PayKun Payment Gateway

A gaming payment gateway plays a vital role to enable the players to run an uninterrupted game and enables you to render the best services and boost your payments. PayKun…

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