Getting a Payment Gateway for Website

With the boost in the eCommerce sector, businesses have started making their online presence more stronger and impactful. This is because the customers are preferring to buy through online platforms. They give them various advantages such as they can buy from the comfort of their place, they get the variety and they can make the payment through online modes without the hassles of cash.

Payment Gateway for Website

They have the benefits for the businesses too, with the online business they are able to reach a wide customer base all over the world. This increases the profit and overall sales. Getting a payment gateway for a website or mobile application is what helps them with that. It is their partner in payments and growth.

Why get the payment gateway for your website

It becomes compulsory to get the payment gateway for the website if you are planning to sell online. The meaning of the online business is that you give all the facilities online and the payments are in the center of these facilities. Website, sales, marketing, etc are essential, however, getting the online payment gateway is more important for your online payments. Below are the reasons why payment gateway is important.


A payment gateway is important for the website because of the below reasons:

  • Offline and Online Both

Your offline platform must be booming locally. However, to take it to the domestic and international level you can work upon a website and start accepting online payments with a payment gateway.

  • Cost-saving

You need not incur the operating or other costs for the business. There is no need for renting or buying a business place and the staff. You can handle it as per your requirements and orders.

  • Restrictions on Offline

In the times when restrictions are imposed on offline businesses, you can continue the business as usual through online sales. In such a case, building a website with a payment gateway becomes important.

  • Sale at anytime and anywhere

Your customers can buy anytime and from anywhere. They need not think of the opening or closing hours of your business. They can make the complete transaction on the website itself through the payment gateway.

  • Online Payment Options

It helps in accepting online payments by facilitating multiple payment modes. The customer can pay with their preferred mode and this way the cart abandonment rate goes down. They can pay with a credit card, debit card, net banking, wallets, UPI, and QR code.

What to look for in a payment gateway for a website?

The most important point to look for is the integration part. Check if the payment gateway supports your website platform or not. Also, does the payment gateway make it easy to integrate through assistance and integration kits? As per that, you can proceed with the payment gateway and look for other important features.

Review here: Getting Started – Technical Documentation

Checklist of Features to look for in an ideal payment gateway

  • Pricing and other charges
  • The onboarding process is easy or full of hassles
  • Settlements time period and regularity
  • The transaction success rate
  • If maximum payment method options are available
  • Support services are responsive or not
  • International and domestic payments

You may list out all the popular payment gateways and write down their specific features for the above points such as charges, benefits, customer support, the reviews and experience of the already registered merchants, etc. This will get you your ideal payment gateway.

Accept Safe Payments

PayKun Payment Gateway – The best for your website

PayKun is the best payment gateway for your website due to various reasons including all of the above-listed features. Review them below:

  • All major platforms supported for integration to websites and mobile applications too
  • Charges the lowest transaction rates in India @ 1.75% and there are no other fees
  • The onboarding process is easy and end-to-end assisted
  • Settlements are fast and on time
  • The high transaction success rate
  • 120+ payment mode options
  • Excellent support services through email, live chat, and calls
  • Dedicated account manager for each merchant account
  • International payment supports

Apart from this, its merchant dashboard tool helps with the analytics and tracking of the transactions. You can download reports, maintain customer data, and also share & track the payment links.

Sign up with PayKun and integrate it with your website or app platform to increase sales and profit and enable growth!

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