PayKun Payment Gateway for website: Easy Integration Options

The digital rush is upon us and is there to stay. In order to take advantage, the SMEs, startups, and even the brick & mortar multinationals have shifted their focus on creating an online store and websites to adopt an online business model. eCommerce, a tours and travels business, gaming, Edtechs, Entertainment, etc – every business model has found a way to provide the services and products online. This makes it necessary to have a payment gateway for website and/or app to collect the payments online.

payment gateway for website

What exactly is a payment gateway for a website?

Payment Gateway is a medium to collect online payments. It acts as a mediator between the customer bank and the merchant bank to transfer the funds. In technical terms, it sends and receives the request and response when the customer initiates the transaction at the payment gateway checkout.

PayKun payment gateway can be used in various ways, like, integrate it with the mobile application, add a payment button to the website or blog page, or integrate the checkout with the website. You can even use the payment links with these options.

Why a payment gateway for website?

It is prominent that you provide your customers with the payments solution on your website itself so that they can finalize their purchase with the payment immediately with no delay or cancellation.

Apart from these, below are the other advantages:

  • 120+ payment mode options for the customers to pay so that they do not drop out due to the non-availability of their preferred one. EMI payments option is available with 9 major banks.
  • Supports domestic and international payments with multiple currencies and all the major countries
  • PayKun checkout has the highest level of security. The transactions and the card data are in the utmost secured environment when the payment is done through PayKun. It follows PCI DSS standards.
  • A smooth payment checkout with modern technology and robust API available to provide the best customer experience.
  • Easy onboarding and activation of the payment gateway.
  • Available payment retry options
  • Lowest per transaction fee (TDR) charged on a successful transaction.
  • There are no setup or integration fees.
  • Connect with PayKun in case of any queries, issues, or concerns through live chat, email, or call.
  • Get your payments from the customers directly in your bank account

Integration specific advantages of using PayKun for website

It is a myth that the technical part on the payment gateway side is tough and requires a lot of coding.

The fact is the ready integration kits of the PayKun payment gateway make it very easy to add its payment gateway to the website.

In simple terms, there are developer-friendly ready codes available to integrate the payment gateway, known as Plugins. And when a few more easy details and codes are added to it (which are very basic and available on your dashboard itself), and the same is added to your website, you get the payment gateway added to your website.

PayKun also provides free technical support for integration or any other technical issues or assistance required.

As per your website, PayKun has such ready codes and plugins for the platforms supported:

Website Integration Supported Platforms-

eCommerce Integration Supported Platforms-

Steps to get PayKun payment gateway for your website:

PayKun is ideal for your business and website for its affordable transaction rates, excellent support services, best security compliances, smooth payment services, and of course the easy integration.

It is equally important to know the easy process of getting the payment gateway for your website.

  • Register with the PayKun Account
  • Get it verified and activated
  • Continue with the Integration for the live mode

You can use the Sandbox mode in order to test the payment gateway before registration.

You would require the API Encryption key at the time of integration, which can be found in the merchant dashboard itself. Below are the steps for that:


  • Log In to the Dashboard
  • ‘Go to’ the Merchant Account under the ‘Payment Gateway’ section
  • Copy your Merchant ID which you will get by clicking on your profile picture


  • Go to the Setting>Security
  • Click on Generate API Key (web or device as per your platform)
  • Download your Access Token and Encryption Key(API Secret Key)

If it is the first time that you are generating the API keys, you need not worry but if the API key is regenerated then the previous one will be automatically disabled.

Another option for the website is to integrate the payment button.

To know more visit: Accept Easy Online Payments with PayKun Payment Button


It is essential these days that you provide online facilities to your customers and one of these includes having a payment gateway for the website. Contact us today at [email protected], reach out on our live chat or our helpline number to further discuss your business needs.

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