PayKun Facilitates UPI Payments with Intent Flow via all major UPI APPs

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is among the most preferred payment modes for customers. Businesses need to enable the same with the easiest payment flow to meet the customer’s payment demand. PayKun facilitates the most effortless method of accepting the UPI payments with UPI intent integration. It supports all major UPI apps when the customer makes online payment through mobile.

UPI Intent Integration

The UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transaction value is nearing $ 1 trillion. It went up by 86% compared to the year 2020. As per the online reports, up to the November end in 2021 the value reported is $844 billion (₹63.32 lakh crore) against $452 billion (₹33.88 lakh crore) in 2020. Whereas it has shown an amazing 7090 times growth in 2021 since its launch in 2016.

It is quite clear from the data and the adoption rate by the people that UPI is going to be at the center of online payments in India.

PayKun has been facilitating the web flow of UPI payments through various payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets, UPI, QR code, and EMI.

This blog discusses the stepwise UPI intent flow and benefits using the PayKun Payment Gateway:

Before that, let us know the normal collect flow for UPI payment:

  1. The customer proceeds with the payment checkout on the merchant website or app and selects UPI
  2. He needs to enter the VPA to proceed with the payment
  3. Once he does that, he gets the UPI payment request through the SMS, push notification, and the app
  4. The customer accepts the same
  5. He is requested to enter the UPI PIN.
  6. Once the customer enters the UPI PIN, he gets the response with the transaction status (success)
  7. The payment is deducted and paid to the merchant if the transaction is successful

When the customer makes the UPI payment he would do that by entering the UPI ID (VPA). The PayKun UPI intent integration will enable the merchant to make the payment directly using the UPI app installed on his mobile phone, for example, Google Pay, Whatsapp, Phonepe, BHIM, etc. This makes UPI payments faster and easier.

Intent flow is much convenient than the traditional UPI payment method. Due to the shorter process, lesser steps, and the smooth & speedy flow, UPI Intent gives the best customer experience in making the UPI payment.

The UPI Intent flow with PayKun Payment Gateway:

What happens when the merchant has the PayKun UPI intent integration for the website or mobile application for the customer to make the payment?

The below steps answer the same—

  1. The customer chooses the UPI payment mode and is taken to the next step.
  2. When making the payment through his mobile, he would see all the UPI apps installed on his website in this next step.
  3. The customer would select and proceed with the app he wants to pay with.
  4. The APP directly opens with the payment request and details that the customer has to pay to the merchant
  5. The customer proceeds to enter the UPI PIN and completes the payment.
  6. He gets the transaction status on the app as well as the merchant website/app.
Online merchant account

What are the benefits of UPI Intent Integration?

  • The extra step through SMS, push notifications and the payment request acceptance is saved. So, only a single application is to be handled, where he is directly taken from the merchant platform. He need not handle three places merchant, SMS, and UPI app one after the other as it is to be done in the traditional app.
  • The customer may or may not remember his VPA
  • All these give the best customer experience and thus the cart abandonment rate decreases. This in turn increases the conversion rate.
  • It supports all major UPI applications.


PayKun UPI Intent is the smoothest way to accept UPI payments from the customers. PayKun supports UPI payments through various methods. Read: Integrating UPI as a Payment Option to know more.

Note: UPI Intent is currently available on request with PayKun. You may discuss your requirements with our Sales team at [email protected]

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