story of cantech india

Struggles and Success Story of Cantech India (Hosting Business) and its PayKun Review

The PayKun team has been working hard to render all its services in the best possible way to ensure its customers’ satisfaction. On the other hand, these PayKun customers have…

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Payment Gateway Reconciliation

Understanding the Difference Between Payment Gateway Settlement and Reconciliation

With more and more customers taking the digital route for buying essentials, payment gateways seem a convenient option for merchants to ensure customer satisfaction and payment acquisition. For instance, you…

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online payment gateway in india

Adding Payment Option to Your WordPress Blog Is Never Been So Easy

Hey, welcome new blogger! I am today writing this blog to provide detailed information about how you can add a payment to your WordPress Blog. Apart from this, I will…

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GST Registration Online

Everything about GST Registration in India

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax that took the place of various other indirect taxes. This article discusses the basics of the GST and the GST…

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Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor

Is Payment Gateway Different from Payment Processor? Know The Difference

The phrases “payment gateway” and “payment processor” are often confusing. By now, you have heard of these two terms, and it is natural that you cannot seem to understand the…

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what is FIRC

What is Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC)

Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) is an important certificate for the exporter merchants in India. This blog explains what Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate is, its importance for the international sellers…

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eCommerce website india

How Instant Payment Features from PayKun Help eCommerce to Collect Payment Even without Having an Online Store?

Have you just started your own online business and do not have a proper eCommerce website yet? Thinking about getting payments from the customers who are not staying locally and…

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Cross border ecommerce market

A Guide to the Cross-border eCommerce: Trends and Tips

eCommerce has opened the doors to sell products and services nationally and internationally. The merchants can reach all over the world with their online shop. However, international selling needs to…

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online payment gateway india

How Can Instant Payment Links Benefit Small Businesses To Collect Payments Without Having An Ecommerce Site?

In this digital age, running a business online is all about ensuring convenience, security, and speed. There is no denying that the core of any marketing strategy is to drive…

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