Integrating UPI as a Payment Option

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transaction value surpassed $100 billion in October. This shows its increasing adoption among the customers and the need for the businesses to implement the UPI integration to facilitate the transactions for their business platforms.

This blog provides the technical benefits of UPI payment gateway integration for businesses with PayKun.

UPI Payment Gateway integration

Benefits of UPI integration for the businesses:

UPI payment integration is an important step to enable business growth in today’s time. It has a direct relation with growth as it is among the customer’s preferred payment methods. Check out the benefits of the UPI payments integration with PayKun:

Time and Cost

UPI integration is smooth with the PayKun payment gateway due to the most affordable costs. PayKun charges the lowest per-transaction fees (TDR) in India. The PayKun has tie-ups with various partners that save your time and costs for contracts and agreements.

We provide these ready-mades, aggregated at one place for various payment modes including the UPI payment integration. As per your transactions and volume, you can opt for customized rates as well.

Dashboard and Reports

UPI transactions offer easy reconciliation due to the real-time payments. Thus, the notifications are also obtained instantaneously through webhooks and other means. PayKun dashboard provides the transaction and settlement records & status in one place that can be filtered. This makes this further effortless.


Due to the instant nature of the UPI transactions, the settlements could be faster for them compared to the other payment modes. In general, the settlements are made in t+2/3 working days, however, the settlements for UPI can be processed earlier as per the banking process.

payment gateway integration

Promoted by Government

To promote digital transactions, the government has been making various efforts. UPI is one such product and various innovations are made around it. Recently, the RBI made an important announcement with regard to the same. This would also increase its customer base and thus UPI integration becomes an efficient step to meet the demand.

UPI Transaction Limit

Furthermore, the per transaction limit for the volume and the number of transactions won’t be applicable with the PayKun payment gateway subject to the limit set per transaction on the merchant account. In general, it is 1 lakh per day, 10k per transaction, and 10 times per day.

Education platforms

Collect instant fee payments through UPI integration on your education website or application and also through the payment links. The reconciliation and tracking becomes easy with the dashboard


Similar benefits are applicable for the eCommerce platforms. The reconciliation, refunds, and delivery of the services or the products become easy with the merchant dashboard. The UPI payments gateway integration can enable UPI payments through VPA, in-app payments, single QR code payment, etc.

Check this article to know more about the VPA.

Using PayKun as UPI Payment Gateway

PayKun supports the UPI payment flow and makes the payment process simple and easy. You can use UPI with PayKun as below:

UPI payments through UPI ID (VPA)

For your website and application platform, you may go for the UPI payment gateway integration for the UPI payment flow. With that, you can receive the UPI payments through UPI ID (VPA) for various UPI apps such as Google Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, BHIM, Whatsapp, etc.

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Various platforms for the website, iOS, and Android are supported under this for seamless payment acceptance.

Steps for making UPI Payments through Webflow UPI integration

This enables you to accept payments through UPI as well as other payment options such as cards, net banking, wallets, QR code, etc. The payment flow will go like this:

  • The customer selects the products and proceeds with the payment checkout process entering the required details.
  • Next, he selects the UPI as the payment mode.
  • Then, his preferred UPI app and the respective VPA. Or only the VPA.
  • The VPA is verified
  • If the VPA is valid then it is securely redirected for the 2-way authentication. The payment is authenticated with the UPI PIN.

UPI payments with the Payment Links

If the website or app is not used to accept the payments, the payment links can be sent to accept the UPI payments. PayKun payment links help businesses to accept payments through Whatsapp, SMS, email, etc with 120+ payment modes including UPI.

PayKun Intent flow UPI integration

This is an essential method of UPI integration when the customer is making the payment through mobile.

Benefits of Intent flow UPI integration

  • This provides a faster checkout process due to the direct in-app UPI payments and no need for entering the VPA.
  • The payment is completed after the two-factor authentication
  • You may choose to keep or blacklist certain apps through the intent-flow for the UPI payment gateway integration and also ensure higher success rates.
  • PayKun will provide the technical guidance as per your platform and browser support.

Note- Currently, it is an on-demand feature with PayKun. Kindly drop your requirements at [email protected] for this feature on your PayKun account.


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