How to prepare your online business for upcoming festival

It is that time of the year when the customers are indulged in the special festival shopping of everything from the clothes and decorations. To take maximum advantage of this, you need to prepare your online business for the festival season.

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As per the RedSeer reports, from the last year’s eCommerce festival season (October to November 15), the gross sales were around 8.3 Billion for the sellers and brands. This was 65% higher than its previous year. As per a report named “The Festive Season Pulse 2021”, for the upcoming festive season, 91% of customers in India are intending to make an online purchase.

This shows that the festival season is the best opportunity for the business to make profits. Have you made any special plans and strategies? To help you, this article will provide more tips to prepare your online business for the festival.

Preparing your business for Festivals

An increase in sales during the festival season can be the result of proper strategies and deliberate efforts before the festival time. 

Keep reading for the actions you can take in the below points and also visit this detailed blog for the evergreen Tips for Various Businesses to Boost Online Sales this Festival:

Website Theme

People are filled with the festive season charm and excitement and your website should match the festive mood of the customers. So to increase the conversion and resultant sales, create an attractive and suitable festive theme. This will show the customers that you are providing the products and services suitable for the festivals and that they are at the right place to shop. Also, this will increase the excitement of the customers.

The webpage design and the products/services suitable for the festival purchase must be placed in such a way that it gets the customer’s attention.

Research is important to know what attracts the customers in your niche. The content suitable to the festival can be published through your platform such as recipes, DIY tutorials, etc. This brings potential customers to your platform and helps with SEO. Also, take care of other SEO tips such as keyword targeting.

Social Media

The same goes for social commerce, you can put up the profile pictures and cover photos signifying the festival season. Canva is one of the tools which can help you create those pictures and logos yourself.

Your Social Media Marketing for all possible platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, plays an important role to prepare your online business for the festival season. Your followers must be boosted and indulged in the shopping spirit. Various strategies would include promoting online events, contests, offers & discounts, interesting content, and communication. Here the communication is to target the right audience and engage with them.

Social media is a golden chance to create your business brand in the most affordable way. Research through the competition and create a strategy accordingly.

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Customer Service

Speaking of engagement, good customer service is highly essential in the eCommerce business. This is one of the points to gain the trust of your customers today to compete with giant e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon.

Especially, in the festival season when the shopping spirit is high, you can get your customers’ confidence just by the best customer support through various mediums.

This not only includes resolving their queries and concerns but also providing the best services such as timely delivery of the right products. Make the additional arrangements priorly to make this possible. They are purchasing for the festival and occasions so, any mistakes or delay in delivery or product would affect the customer satisfaction.

E-commerce Management Services

Manage inventory & orders from different marketplaces, with Browntape eCommerce Management Software. Be festival-ready always. 

Potential customers

For the businesses, the days before the festivals are more significant than the festival days. Prior preparations would help you with more sales in the most smooth manner. As per your targeted customers’ behavior and shopping patterns, form the plannings to reach out to them and make them aware of your festival season sales, products, and deals. Various marketing campaigns for engagement with the current customers and the potential customers would help you build the relevant audience for your online business. This would include email marketing in the most effective way by sending greetings, news for offers & discounts, and other attractive content.


The takeaway from this article would be that you need to target, engage and attract potential customers to make the purchase on your platforms. eCommerce is today and tomorrow with the changing buying behaviors of the customers. The festive season is the most favorable time for businesses to boost their sales. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and prepare your business for the festival season for all festivities throughout the year…

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