How to Generate PayKun Access token and API Secret?

You will be required Access Token & API Secret Key, In case you are planning to integrate PayKun Payment Solution with your website and Device API Key for application.

For generating access token & API secret key follow below steps

  1. Login to your PayKun account (If you don’t have registered account, REGISTER HERE)
  2. Go to Setting tab (In Top right corner)
  3. Select 2nd option of Security
  4. Click on the “Generate API Key” button and it will show Access Token & API Secret Key(You can save details in a text file by clicking on the “Download Details” button. )

Note: If you are integrating with Android/iOS application then you will require to generate “Device API Key”

Regenerate API Key & Access Token/Device API Key

In case you are Regenerating API Key & Token, you will see the date of the API key generated since you will not be able to retrieve the old API key (For security reasons) we have provided the re-generate option, so you can re-generate API key in case you have lost the old one, For that just click on Regenerate button and you will get OTP on your registered mobile. Enter OTP and new details will be shown. Save it at some secure place.

api key

Note: Once you re-generate API key your old API key will stop working immediately. So be cautious while using this option.

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