fintech trends

The 6 Fintech Trends expected in 2021 and Later

The blooming of financial technology aka Fintech has brought about a positive revolution in the various sectors and industries including banks, financial institutions, businesses, and their clients. Fintech integrates finance…

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Ecommerce Business

The Importance of Ecommerce Business this Festival

Festivities are just around the corner and it has already got us involved in its joyous atmosphere. The customers have already started with their Diwali shopping. This tradition goes way…

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festival season

Tips for Various Businesses to Boost Online Sales this Festival

From clothes to jewellery and furniture, people wait for Diwali to bring changes in their house and purchase their needs as well as luxuries. So, it is a very crucial…

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Partner Affiliate Program

Introducing PayKun Partner Program

This article will introduce you to PayKun Partner Program… If you are a website developer or a software company or a blogger or anyone who can offer an online payment…

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PayKun Payment Gateway

Five immediate benefits of using PayKun Payment Gateway for your business

PayKun Payment Gateway was developed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of various different types of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. In a short period of time, it…

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Why is a Payment Gateway necessary for B2B Companies

Online payment is the new trending system in B2B companies. They have been opting for the B2B payment gateways available in India as a preferential mode of the payment system…

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educational institute

Payment Gateway for Educational Institutes to Collect Fees

Educational institutes like tuitions, coaching institutes, learning sectors, online classes, schools, colleges, e-learning programs, etc would need to collect the fees. It is a common method for many such institutes…

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multiple payment

Top 7 Points of Benefits of Using Multiple Payment Gateways

Any online business would need to have the payment gateway option on their website or mobile application through which they can accept the online payments.  Payment Gateway is an ideal…

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Covid-19 India Economic Package

Highlights on Measures for MSMEs, EPF and Taxes under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on 12 May 2020 and since then the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan 2020 or Self-Reliant India Movement is in the talks globally. It includes…

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How Multiple Payment Options of PayKun increases Business Revenue

How to Make Sure the Customer Pays? The general tendency of the customers, for them to trust the website is the multiple trending payment methods. People want to have choices…

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