How Startups Can Accept Online Payments in India

In today’s time, when customers prefer to pay online due to various reasons, it has become a necessity for all types of businesses to accept online payment options. Like it is truly said that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, there are so many different methods existing through which the customer can pay online and so the businesses have to put forward all these ways so that they will not lose the customer because of the lack of the preferred payment method by them.

They can individually provide the payment modes, however, the best way is an online payment gateway. This is because it is convenient, easy and it is capable of providing various payment modes at one place to accept online payments. When the online payment gateway is chosen wisely and carefully it is easy, secured, cost-effective, and efficient.

There can be three types of payment gateway options. One is the Merchant Account with the Bank, the second one is a third party online payment gateway and the third one is a White Label Payment Gateway.

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1. Merchant Account

These are the direct registration with the bank. They are secured and reliable. However, they provide limited payment options to accept online payments including Cards and Netbanking. Also, it is very difficult to get customer support. Furthermore, it charges a setup fee along with the per-transaction rates (TDR). The major setback is for the startups, some times, it becomes difficult to get the merchant account with the bank.

2. Third-party Payment Gateway

These are very easy to register, secure, and reliable too. The online payment gateway like PayKun is called the Third Party providers. Unlike, the Bank Payment Gateways, these are also very easy to integrate and require no or minimum efforts from the merchants for the integration. Depending upon the pricing plan, the online payment gateways such as PayKun does not even charge any extra fees. It has only per-transaction fees (TDR). There is no setup or maintenance fee or any hidden charges. Moreover, the best part is the payment options, it provides card payment options, wallets, net banking, UPI, QR code, etc to accept online payment.

3. White Label Payment Gateway

The online payment gateway services obtained in the name of the business or brand is the White Label Payment Gateway. The difference is that the third-party payment gateway shows its payment gateway name in the checkout, URL, and transaction notifications however in the white label payment gateway it displays the business name everywhere; even in the URL.

As per your business needs, you may go for any one of the above options. All these can be integrated with the website or application of your business. It is necessary that you check if the payment gateway supports the website or mobile application platforms.

Let us discuss the alternative to accept the online payments for the offline stores or the businesses that do not use a website or application to collect the online payments.

These types of businesses use POS or Swipe machines, however, if they do not want the hassle of managing the physical machine then the best way is to accept online payments with the Payment Links. These are provided by the payment gateways like PayKun.

Payment Links are like normal links to be sent through possible mediums like Whatsapp, Email, Messenger, etc. It also provides multiple payment options, security, and convenience. These are free to use and activated along with the merchant account of the third-party payment gateway, there is just a transaction discount rate charged.


PayKun is the best third party payment gateway option for your online business payments acceptance. It provides its services at the lowest rates and is suitable for all types of businesses. It is also PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and easy to integrate with its available ready plugins and SDKs. Sign up now and go through an easy onboarding process to get your merchant account activated.

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