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PayKun Payment Gateway checkout is useful when you have different products and services and the customer needs to add that product or service to the Cart; later, proceed to the checkout page to make the payment after entering his/her details. In short, it is ideal for an eCommerce or related website.

Payment Button

However, if you are a freelancer, blogger, you accept donations or fees, or simply accept online payments for your product or service (with no checkout), the easiest way to accept the payments digitally and to provide a Payment Gateway Checkout would be embedding Payment Button on your business website, blog page, etc.

Steps to Create a PayKun Payment Button

It is easy to embed a PayKun Payment button – a code can be easily generated through the Paykun Payment Link feature which could be copy-pasted in the website, blog page, etc.

Before we can know how to create the PayKun Payment Button, review the steps to create a Payment Link as below:

Creating a payment link is a cake-walk. You may generate one from the PayKun merchant dashboard itself.

1.  How to create a PayKun Payment Link?

  • Log in to your PayKun Dashboard and Go to the Merchant Account (Your registered merchant account needs to be activated)
  • Go to the ‘Payment Links’ Tab and Click on the ‘Create Payment Link’
  • You may ‘on’ the option for ‘Multiple Customers’ because you would not want to pre-fill the customer details and let your Payer do that so that he can fill his own details.
paykun dashboard
  • You will be required to fill in the ‘Amount’ and ‘Purpose’ of the payment if you create a Payment Link.
  • If you do not want to enter a fixed amount then you may create a Master Payment Link
payment link

You may get the information with the pictorial information in the PayKun Docs here: PayKun Payment Links – Documentation

2. Steps to Generate a Customised Embed Code for the PayKun Payment button

It is fun to do a little coding without the developer’s help. The thing is you need not even have any knowledge of coding, PayKun dashboard would do that for you automatically. Let us check how does that happen – you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • After you have created a ‘Payment Link’, a ‘Payment Link ID’ would be created with the respective payment link details. Click on that ‘Payment Link ID’
payment link id
  • On the right side, a drawer would appear, click on the ‘Generate Embed Code’ appearing there.
  • A box with the options for the settings of ‘Backgroud color’, ‘Text color’, and ‘Customized Button Text’ would come up. As per your requirements, you may click on each option and go ahead with your customized settings.
Backgroud color settings
  • As per the settings you have made, the Button Embed Code will make the changes automatically. This way the Payment Button can be easily customized for the text, look, and color. As per your requirement, you can use the button such as ‘Donate Now’, ‘Pay Now’, ‘Pay Fees’, etc.
  • Lastly, selecting this code will copy it and then you need to simply paste it on the webpage of your website where you require it to be. It would be customized so you may create the code matching the look of your website and thus get a matching PayKun Payment Button.

Example Embed Code:

I generated this automatic code to look as below and i have no knowledge of coding and stuff:

<a id=”checkoutwithpaykun” href=”#” data_href=”” data_style_bg=”#f5caf2″ data_style_text=”#ed0c37″ data_text=”Pay Now”></a><script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>

Example Situations when PayKun Payment Button would be useful:

Online Coaching institutes, schools, colleges, Edtechs, etc provide different courses, grades, terms, etc. They need to collect payments from their students then they may simply embed a payment button of for example – ‘Pay Fees’ for respective courses, grades, etc.

NGOs cannot provide the amount to the donors because it depends on the donors how much they want to donate. In that case, they can generate an Embed Code for the ‘Payment Link’ and then after the required customization is applied, the payment link in the resultant code can be replaced with the ‘Master Payment Link’

This way if you are a blogger, freelancer, etc you may simply put a payment button on your website, blog page, etc.

Why choose PayKun Payment Button?

Payment Button provides the same advantages as a checkout, let us know what they are:

  • Get advantages of the Lowest transaction rate in the market that PayKun provides.
  • The customers can pay with 120+ payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, wallets, net banking, UPI, and QR code.
  • It looks good and accessible for payments.
  • Payments are secured and PCI compliant.
  • You can get a customized look on your button as per your website requirements
  • As you can see above it is easy to generate an embed code for the PayKun Payment Button with no hassle of coding.
  • Your customers need not go through a long procedure of filling the checkout details when it is not needed for your business purpose and simply go ahead with the payment.
  • Business transactions will be recorded on the PayKun Merchant Dashboard and other important payment functions can be availed too such as payment & transaction history, settlements, orders, customers, etc.

All in all, you may provide a hassle-free smooth checkout experience to your customers in a proficient way by providing a ‘Payment Button’ on your website.

There won’t be any requirement for technical knowledge in generating a code of your liking. For any further queries, simply drop an email at [email protected].

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